5 Reasons To Hire A Winter Commercial Contractor

by | Jan 16, 2022

It’s important to keep your business entrance, parking lot, and sidewalks free from snow and ice during the colder months. Winter is now in full swing and you’re struggling to keep up with the conditions.

You’re vetting landscape firms to maintain your commercial property, and there’s so much to consider. You want a company that can manage all of your needs, from plowing your parking lots, shoveling your sidewalks, salting your walkways, and de-icing everything in between. So how do you decide which company is best for your business?

High-Level Communication

You need to be able to rely on your snow service to show up. Good commercial contractors create crystal clear contracts so that they know exactly what work is necessary, taking a proactive approach to communication, and providing up-to-the-minute responses.

Emails and phone calls are fine for solving small problems, but it’s a whole lot easier to have major discussions face-to-face, whether at an office or on-site.

Local contractors are able to have in-person meetings so that issues can be resolved quickly and efficiently. This ease of access, in turn, offers peace of mind and allows business owners to avoid the hassle and frustration of miscommunication.

Speedy Delivery & Convenience

Mother Nature is infamous for having a mind of her own, especially when it comes to weather. If you’ve ever used shovels to clear snow from a parking lot or driveway, you know just how tedious it can be. Depending on the size of your driveway, it can take anywhere from 30 minutes to 2 hours to get rid of snow.

Commercial landscapers give you peace of mind knowing it’s always taken care of, on time. They quickly get back to your property because of their strategically placed equipment, expert staff, and efficient processes.

Their routes are optimized for speed of service. Most competitors’ routes are long, spread out, and designed to reduce equipment needs. Procare’s routes are compact so we can double back to revisit your facility when snow and ice build up.


We are committed to keeping the safety of our staff and yours at the top of our priorities. That’s why our expert staff use only the best equipment, and actively manage your landscape. You don’t have to spend a lot of time around snow to realize that it can be a danger.

Not only can snow injure a person by causing them to slip and fall, but it can also injure a person during the snow removal process as well. Bringing in the professionals to remove the snow from your property leaves you almost entirely safe from its harm. You won’t hurt yourself by lifting a shovel, and you won’t hurt yourself by losing your balance.

The professionals at Procare are insured and ready for every job, so we’re equipped to carry the weight of safely navigating our snow removal work. This will relieve you of the worry you might have by doing the work yourself.

ASCA (Accredited Snow Contractors Association) Certified

ASCA, the Accredited Snow Contractors Association, was formed in 2012 to provide professional snow contractors with a formalized education to reduce risk in the industry and to change the laws that drive insurance rates up and create imbalance, unfair competitive practices, and safety issues for the snow and ice management industry.

In helping members (property managers, insurance companies, and legislative bodies) meet these goals, ASCA consists of four pillars:

  • written industry standards
  • education
  • verification
  • and positive legislative change

Not all commercial contractors are ASCA certified but the leading snow and ice management association has certified that Procare provides the highest levels of reliability, professionalism, and safety. You can be confident that no one in West Michigan is more worthy of entrusting your snow and ice removal services than we are.

Completeness Of Work

While a white, snowy landscape can be a sight to behold, it can also be an aesthetic terror. This is particularly true after it has become inundated with footprints and tire tracks.

We proactively monitor the weather and your landscape, so that when the snow and ice strike, our team has already prepped your lot. Using our state-of-the-art equipment, we keep your lot clean all day. We also stock up on supplies in case of salt shortages, so that we can always service your business.

Trust Procare With Your Commercial Snow Removal Services

Partner with a company that knows the snow removal business inside and out.

At Procare, we provide quality snow removal services to a plethora of businesses in the Greater Grand Rapids area, and we would love to start working with yours. We have the equipment, processes, and procedures to ensure that your business will be tended to throughout the winter months.

Contact us today to discuss how PROCARE can help your business!