How to Get the Best Commercial Property Maintenance Contract

by | Mar 25, 2020

commercial lawn care company using weed wacker

When hiring a commercial property maintenance company, there are several elements to consider.
You don’t want to hire a company that can just get the job done.


Getting the job done (to a minimum standard of quality) isn’t enough. What you really want is to hire a landscape design firm that listens to your needs AND wants and creates a plan that stays within your budget. You want a company that will consider your yard their own.


Being blindsided by sneaky, unseen costs is a tale as old as time. Fortunately, you don’t need to fall victim to those common mistakes. Many landscaping vendors will quote low prices to get your business, only to inflate prices the following year. But with solid due diligence, you can ensure you select the right vendor.


There are several places within contracts where hidden costs can slide through. We want to make sure you know EXACTLY what you’re paying for before signing a contract.


Learn how a reputable commercial grounds maintenance contractor asks the right questions to provide you with the most accurate and comprehensive quote, the first time and every time.


In this article we help you identify and understand:



Four Necessary Components of a Commercial Lawn Service Contract


Your landscape maintenance contract should include four columns of information so you can easily review and compare prices.


If a contract is missing one of the categories below, ask for the information! It is your right as a property manager to have all of the details about the landscape maintenance you’re about to invest in.




Description of services

State the size of your property and exactly what services you want done and where.





Determine the number of visits and detail what services each visit will entail. Keep in mind the length of seasons and what should happen if a visit is missed or skipped.


Tip: Ask for a seasonal calendar that specifies the expected delivery of services.




Cost per service

Define what work is expected to be done in each visit. This makes sure you are getting what you pay for.




Annual cost

Make sure you understand cost expectations for the future. Don’t get blindsided—it is common for companies to inflate the cost after the first year to make up for the low prices originally proposed.




The Three Largest Factors Affecting Commercial Lawn Service Costs


The Scope of the Work

The size of the property and level of difficulty to manage are the most visible cost factors.  Determining exactly what work you want to be done and where ensures that your expectations are met. It also allows the landscaping personal to devise a clear plan and provide you the most accurate cost estimate. The more specific you are the better.

Questions to consider: Does one area need more attention than another? How do you want those spaces maintained? How might that change from season to season?




The Frequency of Your Lawn Service

Remember that with each visit, you are paying for the gas, time, equipment, expertise and number of crew members needed to maintain the landscape.

Another important factor to consider when creating a service calendar is the day AND time of day that you’re requesting service, as this also affects the cost.




Safety & Integrity

Any landscaping company can mow stripes into your lawn, offer cheap prices, or flaunt their advanced equipment. But that doesn’t mean your landscape will get the quality of work or attention it deserves. What separates an excellent provider from the rest is its commitment to quality work and transparency.

Great landscaping is the result of implementing the proper protocols. Procare has been a successful company for over 30 years because we hire expert personal agents, abide by industry standards, and obtain the appropriate certifications. We provide honest and transparent costs and guarantee the safety of our employees and patrons who encounter the landscape.




Customizing Landscape Services to Suit Your Budget


You can’t always have everything you want, but you can get pretty close if you think outside of the box. You should start by dividing your landscape services into needs and wants.


Your needs are the non-negotiables: quality, health, and appearance. These are the most important elements in your contract and include services like mowing, trimming, weed control, etc. Your wants are going to be the components that add value and character to your property, like flora choices, design elements, etc. Intertwining your wants with your needs can be difficult, but there are some clever ways you can do so.


At Procare, we offer a list of optional services to make buying decisions easier for our clients. Having a list of commercial lawn services allows clients to stay on target with their annual budgets.


We often get the question: How can you make the price lower?


Apart from working closely with property managers to find ways to meet their needs and wants, there are a few ways that the costs of a seasonal landscape contract can be reduced:




Reduce Service Frequency

By reducing the number of service visits, you can dramatically reduce your cost. You can also define what work needs to be done every visit. In all likelihood, complete landscape maintenance isn’t required for each visit. When you consider what services you can spread out over multiple visits, you can achieve the same great results at a lower price.




Consider Material Alternatives

There are usually a number of material options that you can choose from for your landscape. When working with a limited budget, you’ll get more value by carefully considering what each different material has to offer.

For example, choosing native plants for your landscape will reduce the amount of maintenance required because they are predisposed to care for themselves in your environment.

When making design decisions, consider xeriscaping. By eliminating the need for supplemental water for irrigation, xeriscaping reduces the hours of maintenance needed.




Ask About a Basic Maintenance Program

Basic commercial lawn care programs cover… well, the basics: mowing, trimming, weed control, etc. But basic maintenance doesn’t condemn you to a basic landscape.

Even if you have high standards, you can make basic maintenance packages work for you by planting flora that doesn’t need to be replaced every year.






Getting the best commercial landscape maintenance contract can be tricky. Beware of sneaky costs and fishy commercial property maintenance companies.


There are a lot of moving parts and details to consider when outlining your contract, and we want to make sure you are fully equipped to make the best decision for you. Before you commit to a contract:


  • Define your needs and wants
  • Consider the variables that will impact pricing
  • Know how you can customize your plan
  • Find a balance between value and price


At Procare, we’re committed to upfront and honest pricing. We work with you to design a plan that not only meets your needs but satisfies your wants to the best of our abilities. Designing and maintaining your landscape should be fun, we work closely with you to make sure that it is.


Your landscape is our landscape. Contact the experts at Procare today and receive a custom quote.