Fiberglass Pool Shapes: How to Pick Your Perfect Fit

by | Jun 22, 2021

A fiberglass pool is the perfect centerpiece for the backyard of any home that wants to make a statement as the location for summer fun with friends and family. However, a big part of that statement is made in the shape of your fiberglass pool. Making the exciting decision of installing a fiberglass pool at your home is just the beginning, with the real exciting decisions coming once you start exploring options for the best fiberglass pool shapes for you. 


Fiberglass pools come in a variety of shapes and sizes, each one making its own unique statement about you, your home, and the pool-side vibes you are trying to create. The shape you choose for your pool has major implications on what message you send to your guests, how your pool will best be used and enjoyed, and how it fits in with the overall style of the rest of your home and backyard.


So you see, deciding your swimming pool shape is more than just a box to check. It is a decision that takes thoughtful consideration and understanding of all your fiberglass pool shape options. Procare Landscaping wants every homeowner to have the perfect pool, so we have put together this list of things to consider, questions to answer, and even a few common pool shape suggestions so that you can find yours.


What to consider when choosing a pool shape

Before choosing your pool’s shape, it is important to evaluate a variety of preferences and goals that you and your family have not only for the pool, but for your entire pool-side area. A pool is more than just a water-filled hole in the ground: it is an important part of your home’s aesthetic.


However, your preferred shape for aesthetic reasons alone should not be the only deciding factor. Deciding the right pool shape should be a decision made by considering practicality as well. Some pool shapes are better suited for certain existing features, elements, space considerations, functionality issues, and aesthetic styles.


For instance, a pool shape that peaks your interest at first may not be ideal for the kinds of uses you need. Or, while it may be capable of incorporating all the uses you want, it comes at the cost of missing the mark on a cohesive style with the rest of your home or infringe upon too much of your yard space.


A helpful exercise is to ask yourself some questions about yourself, your style, and what you hope to ultimately get out of adding a pool to your backyard. 


Are you more relaxed and prefer a traditional shape or are you more energetic and eccentric and need an exotic shape to help convey that? Do you intend to use your pool mostly for lots of fun in the sun or for exercise and need a shape that is easier to do laps in? The answers to these kinds of questions may guide your decision making and best pool, no pun intended, of options.


Here are some other important questions to ask yourself and find the answer to before you make your selection.


Answer these questions:

  • What pool size best meets your needs? 
  • Does this shape fit your hardscaping plans for the future?
  • What other water/outdoor features are around the desired area? For example, where will your pool be placed in contrast to your fire pit or outdoor kitchen? 
  • What kinds of activities will take place in the pool? Will you and your family be using it mostly for laps? Play games? 
  • Does the pool shape compliment your home style? 
  • What features do you want to add, if any, like slides or diving boards? 


Popular fiberglass pool shapes

Once you’ve taken all these considerations into account, you’ll likely be able to start whittling down possible shapes to a handful of options. However, with so many fiberglass pool shape options available, there are still lots of directions you can go!


While you should always take your own taste in look, style, and intended use into account first and foremost, it can be helpful to also know some of the most common and popular pool styles in other homes like yours. 


Here are some of our personal favorite fiberglass pool shapes that are also popular with our customers: 


Claremont Model

claremont fiberglass pool shapes

Claremont Model pools are 14’ x 33’ rectangular pool shape with depths from around 3 feet to 5 feet that fills multiple needs homeowners look for in a pool. This style is perfect for kids, especially those who are learning how to swim, due to the moderate depths and the large stair step entry point. These models also have benches around all sides of the pool, making it perfect for lounging in the water on a hot summer day. 


Freeport Model 

Freeport Model pools is a 12’ x 25’ pool with a figure-8 shape. Both the deep end (around 5’5”) and shallow end (around 3’7”) have two seater benches that can include therapeutic jets for ultimate pool relaxation time. The fun, lagoon style shape makes it the perfect party pool.


Lake Shore Model 

Lake Shore Model pools are slightly wider (16’ x 33’)  and slightly deeper (5’5”) version of the Claremont Model. Its classic rectangular designs make it easy to fit in most backyards and with any aesthetic style, especially alongside additional water features. The long dimensions also make it a great pool of choice for those looking to use it for exercise and swimming laps regularly.


Valencia Model 

Valencia Model pools are a classic kidney bean shape, 14’ 6” x 28” freeform pool that lends itself very well to backyards with gorgeous grottoes and other water features as a backyard centerpiece. This is due to this pool style’s irregular shape, which helps to circulate the water from any fountains or waterfalls, rather than letting it crash against the sides. Valencia Model pools run depths from nearly 4’ to almost 6’, making them very versatile in use alongside their aesthetic value. 


Procare Pools Selection 



The shape of your pool will have a major impact on the kind of use you are able to get out of your pool as well as how well it fits the rest of your backyard style alongside existing landscaping design. Therefore, it is a part of the pool purchasing process that deserves plenty of consideration and attention. 


If you aren’t sure exactly what fiberglass pool shape is right for you, your home, and your family, ask the experts at Procare! Working alongside Procare can help you receive expert advice and guidance from a professional landscaping and lawn care company with extensive knowledge and experience pair backyards with the perfect pool to match. Our decades of experience in landscaping have enabled us to provide our customers with gorgeous landscaping designs, and now, high-quality pools that will empower you with the activities and memories you’re looking for.


Procare has been the people of West Michigan’s #1 landscaping and lawn care company for 30+ years. That’s because we have the best people in the industry on our team, and we have a passion for what we do. Plus, when you choose Procare for your new pool design and build, you will get a FREE backyard design.


Check out our varied selection of pool designs and models that will help you make the memories you and your family deserve, and contact us online or call 616-583-9820 today to get started.