Lawn Care Vs. Landscaping: Everything You Need to Know

by | Jan 26, 2021

So you’re looking to fix up your outdoor space into something spectacular? There are many ways to go about this, and we know that it can be overwhelming. The best first step is to identify what type of service you need, and when you hear terms like “lawn care” and “landscaping”, you’re probably wondering… there’s a difference? But there is, and it’s a pretty important difference!


At Procare, we believe that upgrading and upkeeping your lawn should be fun and stress-free! That’s why we’re providing you with a short guide that will tell you everything you need to know. After, you’ll feel confident about making a decision for your outdoor space!


What is lawn care? What is landscaping?


Lawn care is when professionals make simple additions to your outdoor space to improve its aesthetic. This might include fertilization or pest control. Lawn maintenance is a subgroup of lawn care; similar but even simpler. As the name would suggest, it refers to the upkeep of yards and green spaces as they already exist. This includes weed control, pruning, and lawn mowing, among other strategies. 


“Lawn care” as a whole refers to the more routine tasks that make small but significant changes in your yard or space. Your property will look much better with this regular maintenance, yet the layout and general design stay the same. 


Landscaping is a more transformative process. The goal is to make your outdoor space more attractive by altering the existing design and adding features. This can include both natural and artificial components. 


Flowers, hedges, and succulents are natural additions that could add to your outdoor space. Artificial components include fountains, irrigation, porches, steps, etc. Lighting or furniture can also add beauty to your yard. 


Landscaping can also be beneficial to the environment, mainly by releasing oxygen and reducing soil degradation. Services are often guided by the climate in your neighborhood and what plants would grow well without a lot of extra water and power used. 


Are you more like Customer A or Customer B? 


Customer A owns a lovely front yard with flowers, grass, and sprinklers already installed. She is a busy woman and hasn’t been able to tend to her property very well—and it shows. Each day she becomes more aware that her green grass is yellowing, and her flowers desperately need fertilizing. 


She is happy with her yard’s overall design and appearance, but she just doesn’t have the time (or the desire) to put in the hard work it takes to keep it looking nice. She’s looking for someone to tend her garden and mow her lawn regularly. She’s looking for a lawn care service.

Customer B is looking to radically upgrade his yard. Currently, it is a 96 square foot block of half grass and half concrete. He wants to fix it up to be able to have company over in the future. He is thinking of adding tropical plants and some flowers, though he does not know exactly what he wants the layout to look like. Customer B needs a landscaping service. 


Making your decision 


Now choosing what service you need is simple. Are you more like customer A or B? Are you satisfied with your outdoor space’s general layout, or do you need a change in scenery? Are the plants you currently have thriving in your area’s natural climate, or should they be replaced with more sustainable flora? 


The opportunities are endless when you have the help of Procare’s expert landscapers. You may not even know exactly what you want your dream space to look like, and that’s okay! Whether you choose to go with lawn service or a landscaping project, our amount of creative control is up to you. Talk to us to work through your ideas, and we will work with you to make it happen.


Managing your finances 


There is, of course, also a financial difference. Landscaping projects vary greatly in price and can be customized to the homeowner or business owner’s budget. Also, whether it be lawn care or landscaping, the strategic placement of plants can lessen watering and cooling costs.


Do you want to pay a smaller amount every week to keep up with what you currently have? Or do you want to invest in transforming your yard into something new? Lawn care is much less of a commitment financially, but landscaping will increase the value of your property. It’s simply about deciding what you value most. 


Deciding on a time frame


Lawn care and maintenance include short but consistent visits. They might take 20 minutes each week, as a general rule. Landscaping projects can take weeks or months to complete. Plus, they are time-consuming within those months because more change is being made. 


Every household and business requires a slightly different service, and our experts have done it all. Our experienced team here at Procare would love to talk you through the process and guide you to the best decision for your space and your situation.


Our team will work with you to draw up a creative vision for your yard or space, incorporating all the components possible that you desire. Lawn care and landscaping overlap often, so it is common to want a bit of everything. 


Every service that Procare sees through is entirely original and different from the last. We have no doubt that we can find the right plan for your needs. After all, we’ve been doing it since 1989!


Hopefully, this has helped you determine whether you need a lawn care or landscaping service (or a little bit of both). At Procare, we do it all! For any questions you may have or to receive a free quote, contact us today!