When Should You Plant Late Summer Perennials?

by | Aug 21, 2014

As summer winds to a close, new perennials take the place of old ones. The day lilies that were so robust and beautiful during the warm days of July are now done, and, of course, the lovely spring daffodils, tulips, irises, and bleeding hearts are only a memory now.
Many novice gardeners tend to focus on adding or replacing the bright spring flowers, and will be purchasing more bulbs to plant, but late summer landscaping can be just as beautiful and inspiring, and its worth the investment to keep the beauty of your own garden beds going into early and even late fall.
August is a good time to examine your garden and make notes. Are there empty or dead spaces that could be improved? Do some of your plantings need thinning or moving? Are you disappointed with how certain flowers have developed or failed to thrive? Now is the time to make those decisions, and, happily, many greenhouses begin discounting their perennials now, so changing things up does not have to be too expensive.
Fall is a great time to plant or replant. While this summer in Michigan has been mild and rainy, typical summer weather is too hot and dry for planting. Trees, bushes, and flowers need developed root systems to survive this time of year. But falls cooler temperatures and more plentiful rainfall are just what new plantings need to settle in and get comfortable. So what are the perennial choices for fall?
For summer-into fall-color, add false sunflower, black-eyed susan, purple coneflower, hibiscus/rose of sharon, yarrow, hyssop, and goldenrod. The purples and yellows will complement each other and add the illusion of continuing sunlight as the days grow shorter in late summer. For after those have peaked and for the rest of the autumn, good perennials to add would include: aster, sedum, salvia, Russian sage, and chrysanthemum  These are only the most common, more hardy varieties of flowers to consider. If you like the unusual and are willing to do more hands-on gardening, there are so many other wonderful perennials to choose from.  As always, soil type and sunlight exposure will affect how well anything will grow, but a good gardener or landscaper can help with that as well.
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