Finding a Better Solution for Green Waste in Landscaping

by | Jan 2, 2014

When you hire a lawn service in Grand Rapids, MI, you are able to put out of your mind a number of things such as maintaining your lawn equipment, purchasing topsoil, fertilizer, and mulch, and disposing yard waste.  Your lawn service does all of this for you.  But have you ever wondered what your yard service company does with that lawn waste?  Over the course of one season one property can produce truckloads full of grass clippings, branches, roots, and other dead plant materials.  Where does it all go?
In the past PROCARE disposed of its green waste by loading 40-yard dumpsters to be hauled away.  This was expensive, energy intensive, and wasteful, so when PROCARE moved to a larger site, we did a significant amount of research in order to find a better solution for our green waste.
Currently all of our tree service wood chips and landscape management pruning materials are mixed and piled for the entire season. In the spring of the year we hire a firm to bring in a large tub grinder which turns our chips, waste logs, tree trimmings and pruning debris into wonderful mulch. We sell it as PROCARE Arbor Mulch to our customers. The mulch has an attractive color and consistent size that clings together well. This is important during rain storms that can wash out other products. This all natural product decomposes into a good growing medium for our landscape plants.
The rest of our green waste such as ornamental grass tops, perennial tops, grass clipping and fall leaves are piled. The compost is turned regularly until decomposition is complete. The last step is to put the soil through a screener to filter out unwanted stones and debris. The final product is excellent topsoil to be used by our landscape department.
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