How Much Does Landscaping Cost? What to Expect in 2024

by | Jan 29, 2024

residential landscape design

The process of landscaping your property with a new design can seem daunting and expensive – but with the right crew lending their support, your exterior dreams can become a reality while staying within your budget.


Is Landscaping a Good Investment? 

Landscaping can elevate the overall exterior look of your home with a blend of nature and architecture. Not only that, but this investment can have lasting impacts as it provides your home with a remarkable upgrade. If you have plans to sell your home in the future, it will provide an extra appeal to the potential buyers.

You also have the opportunity for a potential return on investment through the sale of your home, because good landscaping can raise your home’s price tag. An investment in the correct landscaping for your residence, tailored to your home and local environment, and entrusted to a skilled landscaper is well-made.


Factors That Affect Landscaping Cost 

Type of Landscape Design

Landscape design typically integrates various elements, each with its own associated cost. There are two main types of landscaping: softscape and hardscape. Softscape refers to the addition of plants, trees, flowers, and grass to the home’s exterior. Hardscape involves non-organic materials such as patios, walkways, pergolas, and retaining walls. 

Additionally, the process of hardscaping requires more time and labor as well as a higher cost of materials. For this reason, the addition of hardscape components within your landscaping design will cause the overall cost to be higher.

Materials Used 

Cost will also be impacted depending on the type of materials selected for your landscaping project. Fo example, if you select rare or customized materials for your hardscape build instead of standard concrete or cement materials, then there will be a larger investment necessary. However, a reliable landscaper from Procare will work with you to select the right materials to stay within your desired budget while maintaining your design dreams.

Local Regulations & Rates

Understanding local regulations and labor rates is crucial when planning any home landscaping project. Getting the necessary permits and ensuring compliance with these regulations is crucial to avoiding unwelcome surprises and unforeseen costs.

Also, be sure to keep in mind the cost of labor changes depending on where you’re located. If you’re in a place where the cost of living isn’t cheap, you can expect the labor rates to be on the higher side as well. If you’re gearing up for a landscaping job, do your homework on local regulations and rates to see the lay of the land when it comes to labor costs.

Site Preparation

Thorough site preparation is also an important stage in the landscaping process, and its impact on the overall project cost should not be underestimated. 

You’ll want to consider the complexity of site preparation as it directly correlates with the financial investment required. More intricate tasks, such as dealing with obstacles or challenging terrain, often translate to higher costs. Think of it as laying a robust foundation for your landscaping masterpiece; while it involves an upfront investment, it ensures the long-term stability and aesthetic appeal of your outdoor space, while also cutting down costs.

Property and Project Size 

The price of a new landscape design is dependent on the space you are looking to renovate. A large landscape project incorporating a large yard will cost more than a small-space design requiring minimal upgrades.

Feeling unsure about what your yard needs? Your initial consultation with Procare will include an audit of the current state of your property, as well as recommendations for necessary upgrades and design suggestions.

Procare Landscape Design 

Looking to invest in your home’s outdoor space? Procare Landscape has established itself in landscape design with over 30 years of experience. Our team brings expertise, creativity, and reliability to every landscape project, large or small. 

Through our landscape design and installation process, we listen to what you’re looking for and assess your property to discover the best solution. We will work together to determine the proper plan to ensure your landscape vision comes to life. 

Contact us today and let’s explore your landscape options!