Retail Landscaping 101: Boost Sales With Landscape Design

by | Mar 2, 2021

Every business owner knows the frustration: a potential customer walks by, looks vaguely in the direction of your business, briefly considers it,  and moves on. In-store sales can be hard to pull off, especially with all of the online options available at people’s fingertips these days. 


We here at Procare propose a solution, one that takes little effort on your part and is sure to deliver results. Bringing in a retail landscaping service upgrades your business’ curb appeal, adds resale value to your property, and draws in customers all at once. 


Below, you can read all about how Procare can help your business by implementing this strategy in the most-straightforward, convenient way possible. 


4 Ways to Make/Keep your Shop Marketable and Inviting 


1. Greenery and shrubs 

These can give your business a more enticing, down-to-earth feel. Many plants are easy and inexpensive to take care of but will add a pop of color and creativity to your storefront. Arrange greenery in a way that makes walking to the front door feel attractive so that more people approach your business. 


2. Water features 

A fountain, for example, may add an air of sophistication and subtle elegance to your building. A water feature gives the impression of wealth, which will lead customers to the conclusion that your business is flourishing. Confidence is key when it comes to both landscaping and pulling in business, and a fountain matches that image perfectly. Other examples of water features include spouts, bubbling rocks, mini ponds, etc., all of which give their own unique spin to your storefront!


3. Exterior lighting

The right outdoor lighting can complement your building’s architecture and bring people in. Lighting can also be used as an indicator to your customers that your business is open. Nighttime outdoor lighting creates a relaxing, enticing atmosphere that people will want to stop and look into. Some common exterior lighting ideas that won’t break the bank, but will make your business look even more appealing, include pathway lighting, lanterns, or LEDs. 


4. Accessibility 

If you haven’t already thought about the accessibility of your building, landscaping offers the perfect opportunity to reevaluate how easy it is to access your store, and therefore your products. As a company trying to pull in as many customers as possible, you want to make sure your business is available to everyone. Is your store wheelchair accessible? If not, should you install a ramp? Are the steps too steep or too wide? These are questions that Procare can help you answer. 


5. Maintenance 

Part of landscaping is maintenance; even with the lowest-maintenance additions, your landscaping should be consistently checked up on. Your shrubs will need trimming, your garden tending to, and all of these are important for your building to look professional (and therefore, your business to look responsible). Upkeep is critical to keep customers coming back for more, and oh-so-easy to do.

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In Conclusion…

These are just the most prominent facets of a wide field ready to be explored by your business. Too many business owners get scared away from landscaping or underestimate the power of an aesthetically pleasing storefront. But curb appeal will never go out of style, and can turn around your in-person sales if done well!


Procare is the best of the best for commercial and retail landscaping, and we cannot wait to hear from you! It’s okay to be nervous about making changes to your business, but it’s as easy as telling us about your project, and we can simply give advice. We’ve been doing this for over thirty years, and we can promise that only good can come from reaching out! Feel free to contact us today to talk to someone from the Procare team about upgrading your business.