What Snow Plow Operators Wish People Understood About Snow Plowing

by | Dec 13, 2013

Snow plowing looks simple, right? Big truck, bunch of snow, zooom zooom, all clear, done.
While it may look like a breeze from a distance, it’s actually something of an art, especially during challenging weather. Snow often changes as it’s falling, making the conditions of the roads subject to change as well. Wind can alter the way snow needs to be plowed as well. And, let’s face it, anyone driving heavy machinery, in the dark, in the cold, in low visibility, on slippery roads, surrounded by other stationary and moving objects (and people) is pulling off a real feat of balance and timing. So, please, be patient with us as we work to clear your roads and driveways and get you there on time.
Another thing to remember is this: snow plows can’t turn or stop on a dime. Even with driveway markers, it’s a trick to get the plow’s blade to lay just right and clear things as requested, especially when conditions are bad. So if you have special requirements, please tell your snow removal company up front what you require. Choose carefully where you want the excess snow piled and where you do not, keeping in mind that snow piles up over the course of the winter, sometimes in abundance. You may be able to maneuver around a small pile there, but will you still be able to get around a large pile later? Once it’s frozen solid, it’s staying there.
It’s much harder to plow a great deal of snow than just a small accumulation This seems obvious, but on blizzard days, remember that each job takes longer and is more complex to do well, and factor that into your planning. This will lead to less frustration on everyone’s part.
If, knock wood, our plowing is off and we damage something on your property, please contact us right away so that we can address it immediately. Taking pictures of the damage is always a good idea so that we can determine responsibility and cost
Winter roads and driveways can be daunting, but if we work as a team and communicate our needs and challenges, keeping the above in mind, everything will go much more smoothly.
Finally, don’t forget to get out and enjoy that white stuff too! It’s beautiful, and it’s great for snowing, sledding, ice skating, or just walking in a winter wonderland.
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