Which Perennials Should I Add to My Landscaping?

by | Jun 8, 2015

Michigan has just experienced a lovely, warm, largely uneventful spring, and now we are moving into the long days of summer. While the Southwest and the West Coast have experienced nearly unending drought, dry conditions there have prompted homeowners to change their landscapes to either xeriscaping or the more drastic replacing of grass with artificial turf. The State of California is actually offering tax rebates to people who put in fake grass. The situation there is that dire!
But here in Michigan we have lots of water surrounding us. The Great Lakes have more than recovered from their record low levels of just a few years ago and are now at above average levels. The leaves on the trees are lush and green, the farmers markets are full of fresh lettuce and green onions, and people are about done putting their annuals in their gardens.
For homeowners with a longer term view, its now time to think about adding more perennials to create an ever changing, ever blooming view from your window or your patio. Think back to last summers garden. Do you remember anything that left you dissatisfied? Were there plants that werent thriving in certain spots or were thriving too much and need to be thinned? Would you like to see more birds or bees attracted to this space? Now is a good time to address some of those issues.
Rain garden perennials are an excellent choice for homeowners looking for something extra to add to their landscaping. Rain gardens are both an aesthetic and an environmental choice. Not only are rain garden plants hardy under occasionally extreme Midwest conditions, but they also serve to stop flooding and filter out contaminants naturally before they can enter the watershed. So what are some specific rain garden perennials we would recommend? Heres a short list of possibilities:

  • Sweet flag
  • Marsh marigold
  • Cardinal flower
  • New England aster
  • Switch grass
  • Marsh phlox
  • Great blue lobelia
  • Wild bergamot
  • Sweet coneflower
  • Fox sedge
  • Goldenrod
  • Black-eyed Susan

Of course, putting together a gorgeous, well arranged rain garden that will bloom all summer long and nourish birds and bees is not a simple project. Soils are different, terrain can be challenging to work with, and what people like to look at or attract to their garden differs as well. If youd like to consult with professionals about installing a rain garden or adding select perennials to your landscape, PROCARE is always happy to talk to you. Call us today if we can be of further help to you and your lawn and gardens.