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Commercial Lawn Care

Lawn care is critical for ensuring the health and wellbeing of the plants in your landscape.

Like taking your vitamins and having a well-balanced diet, lawn care takes care of the physical plant bodies so they stay healthy, alive, and vibrant for a long time.

How We Do It


We provide an application once a year of slow-release fertilizer during the growing season which promotes healthy growth, creates stunning color, and is less likely to contaminate stormwater than more frequent applications.


Pre-emergent herbicides applied during the growing season keeps this hard-to-manage weed controlled.


Core aeration of your turf provides a direct benefit to your lawn via moisture control, which allows your soil to ‘breathe’ and promotes root growth.


Lawn areas receive a single application of Broadleaf weed control at the proper time, with spot treatments of problem areas to promote a weed-free lawn during the growing season.


We provide protection from grubs with summer insecticide treatments on your turf.

“Procare has been very responsive in dealing with any issues that arise in both lawn care of the plowing season. They are great to work with in finding solutions for any issues that arise. They work on proactively dealing with issues.”

– Abby Terpstra

Keep Your Lawn Healthy

Keep your lawn and plants healthy, and avoid costly problems down the road. Contact us today and let’s talk about your lawn care needs.

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