Summer Gardening Mistakes to Avoid

by | Aug 11, 2015

We are now at about the halfway point in summer, and we at PROCARE hope you’re enjoying your landscaping and taking some time to get out and relax in the green loveliness that is Michigan. Fortunately for you and your garden, many fall perennials last well into October and extend the beauty and enjoyability of your outdoor space long past the equinox.
In order to make sure you get the most out of your trees, flowers, and grass this season, here are a few common gardening mistakes to avoid:

  • Forgetting to deadhead flowers – It may seem like a tedious task to cut off the dead blooms from the flowers in your garden, but you will likely get more blooms to enjoy if you do. Deadheading sends a message to the plant that they need to try a little harder in order to successfully reproduce, and the result is more loveliness.
  • Failing to regularly tidy up – By this time in the season, plenty of perennials have already come and gone, and the detritus they left behind should be gone too. It may seem reasonable to leave dead flowers, leaves, and stalks where they are to go back to nature, but in reality, a neater garden is a garden that doesnt have places for bacteria, molds or other fungi to form or pests to propagate.
  • Ignoring your trees – If youve recently planted trees or if your area is experiencing especially dry or hot weather this summer, do not forget about your trees water needs. A planted tree is an investment in more ways than one. Yours shouldnt get too thirsty. It will take a heavy toll.
  • Watering the grass too much – People often forget about their trees, and sprinkle their lawn instead, which is frequently the backwards way of going about things.  Sure, no one wants a brown lawn, but overwatering your grass can harm it too. Too much water will drown your grasss roots, encourage weed growth and fosters molds, and waste your money.
  • Cutting the grass too shortLonger grass requires less water than shorter grass does. As the grass grows, so does its root system, and longer roots mean stronger grass that is able to withstand drier periods without shriveling up and dying. If you think youre saving your grass by babying it along, you may actually be weakening it and making it more vulnerable to weather and pets.

Of course, the services of a professional landscaping service will always help to give you your best results in the garden, but keeping the above tips in mind will help extend your summer garden well into fall, brightening your life and your neighborhood.

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