A Beginner’s Guide to Sustainable Landscaping for Businesses

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A Beginner’s Guide to Sustainable Landscaping for Businesses

In today’s day and age, sustainability is not just a popular movement, it’s a way of life. As climate change becomes a growing concern for many people, the importance of living resourcefully has extended to the way that buildings are designed and constructed, and even landscaping.  Sustainable landscaping is a creative and strategic type of […]

4 Reasons You Need to Hire A Parking Lot Snow Removal Company

There is a difference between dedicated commercial snow removal companies, the average snow removal service, and taking on the responsibility yourself.   At Procare, we’ve been providing professional parking lot snow removal services for businesses in the Greater Grand Rapids area for over 30 years. In that time, we’ve learned that the businesses who consider […]

5 Most Common Mistakes Businesses Make When Hiring A Landscaping Company

Now that summer is here, the grass is growing taller and the plants are blooming, which means that it’s time for your landscape to receive some maintenance. With over 30 years of experience in the landscaping industry, we’re all too familiar with the mistakes business owners make when choosing a landscaping company, and we want […]

How to Get the Best Commercial Property Maintenance Contract

When hiring a commercial property maintenance company, there are several elements to consider. You don’t want to hire a company that can just get the job done.   Getting the job done (to a minimum standard of quality) isn’t enough. What you really want is to hire a landscape design firm that listens to your […]

Preparing Your Landscaping For Winter

As the last of the leaves come floating to the ground, the air chills, and the days shorten, dont forget to prepare your garden or landscaping for the snow and biting winds of winter. Fall landscaping work is all about the long game, which is why many homeowners look at the thermometer and decide more […]

Summer Gardening Mistakes to Avoid

We are now at about the halfway point in summer, and we at PROCARE hope you’re enjoying your landscaping and taking some time to get out and relax in the green loveliness that is Michigan. Fortunately for you and your garden, many fall perennials last well into October and extend the beauty and enjoyability of […]

How to Keep Your Lawn and Landscaping Mosquito Free

Summer is one of the most enjoyable times to be out enjoying nature in Michigan, whether in a park, camping, or in your own backyard. Because of milder temperatures and sufficient rain, things are still really green and pleasant. The only downside? In many places mosquitos are thriving and taking over. People know how to […]

Which Perennials Should I Add to My Landscaping?

Michigan has just experienced a lovely, warm, largely uneventful spring, and now we are moving into the long days of summer. While the Southwest and the West Coast have experienced nearly unending drought, dry conditions there have prompted homeowners to change their landscapes to either xeriscaping or the more drastic replacing of grass with artificial […]

How To Care For Boxwood Shrubs

Now that spring is finally here, it’s important to assess your landscape for any problems.   While this past winter was not nearly as brutal as last year, even an average winter can put your landscape through its paces. It’s better to be proactive in dealing with any damage so you can enjoy the beauty […]

How to Repair Your Winter Damaged Grass

West Michigan had a much milder winter this year, and so far spring has come slowly and steadily without a lot of excess rain. Fortunately for your lawn less waterlogging means that you will not have as much damaged grass to repair this spring, but there are still some smaller problems you may have to […]