Early Spring Landscaping Tasks To Put on Your List

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Early Spring Landscaping Tasks To Put on Your List

It’s March now, this weekend Daylight Savings time returns, and we are only a few weeks away from the equinox – which means that spring is in the air. It might be very, very faint yet, but spring is coming, and it’s not too far away. Are you ready to take on those early spring […]

How Snow Removal Has Changed through History

The sounds the snow plow, the snow blower, and the snow shovel make are so familiar to residents of Michigan and the northern parts of North America that they probably cant imagine people living without these tools. But they did, for most of history. In fact, the way we tackle snow removal today is very […]

Why Salt Brine Is Superior To Road Salt For Ice Management

If you live in Michigan and drive, you are more than familiar with road salt. In the winter salt trucks andsnow plowsare a significant presence in your life. They make getting to work, going to the store, and getting home possible even in treacherous weather. There are, however, a number of salt options that most […]

Are You Interested In Pet Friendly Landscaping?

Americans are very fond of their pets. In 2013, Americans spent $56 billion dollars on products and services for them.  Americans are also partial to their outdoor living spaces and like to garden and otherwise enjoy their green spaces.  However, pets and gardens do not always combine very well. Some common plants are toxic to […]

When Should You Plant Late Summer Perennials?

As summer winds to a close, new perennials take the place of old ones. The day lilies that were so robust and beautiful during the warm days of July are now done, and, of course, the lovely spring daffodils, tulips, irises, and bleeding hearts are only a memory now. Many novice gardeners tend to focus […]

How Much Water Does A Lawn Need to Grow and Thrive?

In most years in Michigan by July the average homeowner is waging a war against yellow grass, not because of disease, but because of heat and drier conditions. The sprinklers go on, the kids get wet, the water bill goes up, and the grass lives through another summer. This summer because of abnormally wet conditions, […]

Landscaping with Michigan Drought-Resistant Native Plant Varieties

Summer in Michigan is always a bit hard to predict, just like most of the other seasons. While true drought is pretty rare, strong, unrelenting heat in July and August can mimic it and its effects on our lawns and gardens. While excessive damp can wreak a different kind of havoc. Previously weve discussed the […]

Michigan Lawn Aeration: Why, When, & How-to | Procare

Why is aeration good for your lawn? Lawn aeration reduces soil compaction and the thatch layer, requiring less water and fertilizer. The tiny holes left by aerating your lawn allow for the exchange of gases from soil to air, and act as chambers for new seedlings. Additionally, they expose crane fly larvae to birds and […]

How To Create Sustainable Landscapes w/ Rain Gardens

Sustainable landscapes can take many different forms and mean completely different things to people.For people who live in arid regions, xeriscaping is a beautiful solution to the challenges of natural conditions. For homeowners who live in the Great Lakes State, which seldom experiences drought, rain gardens can be similarly lovely and functional. The purpose of […]

What is That Residue on My Lawn? After Winter Lawn Care

Now that the snow is finally melting and we can see some evidence of grass again, it’s important to assess your lawn for any problems. Michigan experienced a long, brutal winter this year, and your landscape has likely been through some trauma as well, with the sub-zero temperatures and the regular exposure to chemicals from […]