Are Cold Winters Actually Better for Seasonal Flowers and Plants?

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Are Cold Winters Actually Better for Seasonal Flowers and Plants?

“Poor man’s fertilizer” – this is what people used to call a heavy layer of winter snow, and particularly a late spring snow. You may be concerned that the bitter cold and heavy snows of this winter have killed your perennials, but in fact, we may have a vigorous blooming of bulb flowers and perennials […]

Will My Lawn Come Back after the Snow and the Salt of Winter?

It is certainly a question landscapers and snow removal companies deal with as the winter months start to set in…will the snow plow ruin my lawn. As a company that deals with both the landscaping (warmer months) and plowing (colder months), we will give you the synopsis of what to expect! The dirty truth about […]

Finding a Better Solution for Green Waste in Landscaping

When you hire a lawn service in Grand Rapids, MI, you are able to put out of your mind a number of things such as maintaining your lawn equipment, purchasing topsoil, fertilizer, and mulch, and disposing yard waste.  Your lawn service does all of this for you.  But have you ever wondered what your yard […]

What Snow Plow Operators Wish People Understood About Snow Plowing

Snow plowing looks simple, right? Big truck, bunch of snow, zooom zooom, all clear, done. While it may look like a breeze from a distance, it’s actually something of an art, especially during challenging weather. Snow often changes as it’s falling, making the conditions of the roads subject to change as well. Wind can alter […]

How to Recognize Common Lawn Weeds

If you live in a neighborhood of both treated and untreated lawns, it’s easy to see the difference between professional and amateur lawn care. Good landscaping and lawn care cost money, and you need to make it a priority.  If you choose to do nothing to your front lawn, plants will most certainly grow there, […]